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Our mission at Marlow Dental Centre is to strive to keep our patients’ teeth healthy and strong while ensuring that their appearance is also taken into consideration.

Our promise is to dental excellence, where only the very highest standards in modern dentistry are provided for our patients. We promise to offer the most advanced treatments.

Compassionate Care and Excellence in all aspects of clinical dentistry, ensures the ultimate care and results beyond expectation.

We offer a range of treatments that help you keep a healthy smile, prevent gum disease and to ensure that your own natural teeth are preserved as much as possible. This means that tooth extraction will only be carried out when absolutely necessary.

Every patient is offered custom advice and treatment planning to suit their own oral health needs, with regular dental check-ups and hygiene appointments, with the purpose of preventing decay and disease.

We can show in the 9 years the Marlow Dental Centre has been open the significant impact this approach has had on the health of our patients, meaning less treatment once the initial problems have been treated and resolved.

We recommend that as part of your oral hygiene routine you book 6 monthly check-ups to help detect the development of decay and diseases before they cause any lasting damage. Early detection of diseases can prevent tooth loss.


We recommend that children are seen from about 2 years old so that they are get used to the care we offer. You are advised to clean your children’s teeth morning and evening using a toothpaste with the appropriate level of fluoride. This will be necessary for many years as they will not develop the level of manual dexterity to achieve complete plaque removal.

The Link between Dental and General Health.

The condition of the mouth can reflect and affect overall health. This means that poor oral health and untreated oral diseases and conditions can have an impact on general health and wellbeing. The inflammatory process that comes with gum diseases allows bacteria easier access from the mouth into the bloodstream and can have an impact on general health. So improving oral health may result in overall health benefits.

It has been shown that patients with coronary heart conditions and with periodontal disease can be at risk more than their counterparts with normal health. Good oral health care is therefore one important aspect when it comes to the reduction of risk factors for patients at risk of coronary heart diseases.”

According to some data, individuals with diabetes have a 50% greater risk of gum disease. The data also indicates that those with Type 2 diabetes are up to three times more likely to develop periodontal disease than people without diabetes. It follows that improving oral health in diabetic patients should be a vital part of their overall treatment.

Health and Safety

We have the most advanced decontamination and sterilisation equipment, and maintain scrupulous levels of cleanliness at all times.

Care Quality Commission

We are registered and comply with the Care Quality Commission guidelines.

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