Direct Access to a Hygienist

Hygiene Appointments for Your Convenience

Whilst it is always advisable to have regular routine examinations with the dentist, changes in legislation means that patients can now access a standard dental hygiene appointment without the need to have a dental examination.

Our dental hygienist will be happy to discuss the treatment process with you – she may advise a follow up appointment with the dentist, if appropriate.

Our hygienist can carry out the following procedures during a direct access appointment:

  • Scale and Polish
  • Oral Hygiene Advice
  • Removal of superficial staining
  • Removal of plaque and other debris

Please note:

Visiting a hygienist is not a substitute for a full dental examination

Hygienists are unable to diagnose, offer a prognosis or prescribe antibiotics, painkillers or medication (This can only be provided by a dentist)

Should you want to arrange an appointment please contact us on 01628 486096

A medical history will need to be completed on the day.

The Direct access appointment with the hygienist will be up to 30minutes in duration.

Contact us for more information

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